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App's You Need

App's You Need

Door pass Brivo

NardFit+ App

NardFit Hub App

Things To Know

24/7 Gym Access: For entry to DOWNSTAIRS DOOR after 10pm & before 6am Use Door Code: 1509#

Parking: is available for members during AVAILABLE staff hours only.

Text ”2” for access 225-209-9948

Free parking after 5pm downtown curbside.

Gym Etiquette: Please respect our shared space by re-racking weights, cleaning equipment after use, and using lockers for personal items.

Membership updates/cancellations: By Email only at 

requests must be submitted at least 30 days prior to the next billing cycle.

Training Sessions: no refunds for partial months or non-usage of the facility or training sessions

Locked•Out Locker Situation: If you encounter a locked locker after staff hours, Avoid attempting to open or tamper with. Please call 225-209-9633 for assistance.


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